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Computer Accounting with QuickBooks Online provides you with an introduction to QuickBooks Online. The focus of your text is from a QBO user perspective. The QuickBooks Online Certification exam is certification for accountants using QuickBooks Online for clients.

In case you are interested in pursuing QBO Certification, below are some FAQs about the QuickBooks Online Certification Exam.

QuickBooks Online Certification FAQs

What types of QBO Certification are available?

There are two QBO Certification Exams:

  • QBO Certification

  • QBO Advanced Certification

What is the format of the QBO Certification Exam?

The QBO Certification Exam is in multiple choice format, consisting of 7 sections or modules. You have 3 attempts to pass a section, requiring 80% to pass each section. You only need to re-take sections not passed instead of the entire exam.

What are the sections of modules in the QBO Certification?

  • Module 1: Setting up clients

  • Module 2: Supporting your small business clients

  • Module 3: Banking and Tools

  • Module 4: Reports

  • Module 5: Managing your work

  • Module 6: Preparing clients' books

  • Module 7: QuickBooks solutions for clients

What are the steps to obtain QBO Certification?

  1. Sign up for QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA).

  2. Log into your QBOA account and click on ProAdvisor on the left Navigation Bar.

  3. Sign up to be a ProAdvisor. Note: you must be signed up as ProAdvisor before taking the QBO certification exam.

  4. Under the ProAdvisor tab, select Training tab > QB Online Certification > Get Started.

How long does it take to complete the QBO Certification Exam?

Although time will vary, on average it takes about 2 hours to complete the QBO Certification Exam.

How often do I need QBO Recertification?

July 31 of each year is the recertification date for QBO Recertification. So t be rectified, you must complete the QBO Recertification Exam by July 31 each year.

Shorter than the QBO Certification Exam, the QBO Recertification Exam is an abbreviated exam, covering new features of QBO that were introduced during the past year.

How do I learn more about QBO Certification?

Click here to learn more about QuickBooks Online Certification and how to become a Certified ProAdvisor with QBO Certification.


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