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Designed based on effective learning research, this text streamlines learning QuickBooks Online!

QBO Tech Support for students

QBO Tech Support for Students: 1-800-488-7330


Be aware that when you first log in to your QBO Project Company, QBO update notices are posted on the opening screen. Pay attention to these update notices and look for how it may change QBO. Note that since QBO is updated on an ongoing basis, updates to QBO may result in differences between QBO and the screen captures and some instructions in your text. 

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XPM streamlines Learning QBO 

Streamline learning QuickBooks Online using 3 simple steps: XPM - eXplore, Practice, Master.

  • eXplore QuickBooks Online using the Chapter with walk through screen captures. Don't worry about making mistakes while we eXplore, letting us focus on learning how to navigate and use QBO.

  • Practice entering information and transactions into QBO with end-of-chapter Exercises. We will use a QBO Sample Company that resets, eliminating any carry forward errors.

  • Master QBO with QBO Projects. The projects cover QBO tasks from setting up a new QBO company and entering transactions to generating QBO reports. The project company does not reset, so we must check and cross check to master QBO.


If you are not using Connect with your textbook, you'll need these data files for Project 4.1:

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To sign up for the free QuickBooks Online student access code to use with your text:

  1. Click here for Intuit’s step-by-step signup instructions.

  2. Click here to view Intuit’s signup instructions video.

How to use the QBO Access Code

To watch a video about using QBO with your text, click here.

questions? Call INTUIT SUPPORT

QBO Tech Support for Students: 1-800-488-7330

QBO Online Learning Center

For a quick chapter overview, view the presentation slides in PDF:

View presentation slides in PowerPoint:

QuickBooks Online Videos

QuickBooks Online Support

QBO Dashboard

When you log into QBO, you will notice a QBO Dashboard. Like a car dashboard, this QBO Dashboard provides a digital overview. We can customize the dashboard to display information to meet our specific business needs and requirements. The QBO Dashboard has two tabs: Get Things Done and Business Overview. Note that the dashboard may change over time as Intuit rolls out ongoing QBO updates.

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